Philosophy a Singer

This album there contains twelve unpublished topics of the kind pop, rock, romantically., the inspiration is based on true stories of the love, the life and the hope. More than a song, a melody, a pace has a deep content or a message if it is wanted, of there his name ” PHILOSOPHY OF A SINGER “, since the author proposes a new concept of musical and poetical, like that expression for example
HOTEL OF LOVE, it expresses the relation of a pair that there share feelings of love and of tenderness as lovers furtively.
TRIP TO THE GREAT CITY, he proposes the constant desire that the protagonist has to search better days of progress and to overcome difficulties of poverty far from his natal city

VICES AND PLACER.NET, denounces the common one of a current company that influenced by the pleasant marketing of the network falls down in the drug addiction, the clandestine sexuality; and that comes undone in a fatal consequence. But the author on having finished the topic leaves a message of hope and protection for the youth.
FRIENDS, allegory that encloses the charisma, the most valuable exchequer of the friendship that does not have price when it is shared mutuallyty.


About elianmusica

En salud Odontologo(Ortodoncia-Estética dental) Artes: Cantautor del género pop,rock,romántico y de la nueva trova latina. Empreas: Clinidental-Pinos.-4 consultorios modernos y equiupados en Ecuador(Cuenca y Cañar).Elianmusica.- Equipo de producción musical,música,videos,poesía,etc.Ineditos. Sitio web
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